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Three Indicators That Your Dog Could Have Arthritis

by Christy Adams

Arthritis is a concern for many dogs, especially as they get older. Like humans, arthritis can affect your pet's mobility and quality of life. Your local veterinarian can treat your dog's arthritis in a number of ways, helping to improve the animal's quality of life. Your vet will likely detect early signs of arthritis if you take your dog for regular check-ups. However, if you're not in the habit of visiting the veterinary clinic regularly, it's possible for your dog to develop arthritis and suffer from it until detection. If you believe that your pet may have arthritis, you'll want to schedule an appointment with your vet. Here are some warning signs.

Difficulty Moving

It's always important to be aware of how your dog moves as it gets older. Over time, you may notice that the pet's movements are more labored than they once were. For example, it may take the dog longer to get up from its bed, or it may simply walk more slowly. If the pet used to jump up onto the couch to sit with you, you may notice that this jump now appears to be challenging. Difficulty with everyday movements can often be an indicator that your pet has developed arthritis.

Apparent Discomfort

Given that arthritis can be painful, you may notice signs of your pet's apparent discomfort. Such signs can be evident in numerous scenarios throughout the day. For example, if your dog jumps out of the car after you get home, it might whine as it lands on the ground. This can be a dog's way of demonstrating pain that has resulted from the impact of the ground on the animal's sore joints. Some pets may not enjoy when people touch them on their hips or elsewhere, and will either attempt to move away or perhaps even respond aggressively.


While it's normal for a dog to slow down as it gets older, you might feel as though your pet has become more inactive than is normal. Dogs often enjoy getting outside, whether it's going for a walk or exploring around in the backyard. A dog with arthritis can feel such discomfort that it no longer enjoys these activities and, instead, spends the majority of the day sleeping. Too much inactivity can be detrimental to your pet and is a warning sign that something is wrong. If you're aware of these issues, contact a local veterinarian.