Talking With Pet Doctors

Three Benefits Of Texting With Your Veterinarian

by Christy Adams

When you need advice about your pet in a non-emergency situation, you typically have a few options at your disposal. One thing to do is contact your local animal hospital to ask if you're able to exchange text messages with a veterinarian. More and more clinics are offering this service, which may be something that you wish to pursue. While there will be some parameters to follow, you'll appreciate being able to share some information about your pet via text and receive professional advice in a short period of time. Here are three benefits of texting with your vet:

Ability To Send Photos

While a lot of people call their veterinary clinics to ask questions and explain predicaments, the challenge of this method of communication is that your vet can't see your pet. For example, if your dog has a strange mark on its body, you might have trouble describing the mark accurately. When you exchange text messages with your vet, you can attach photos and even short video clips of your pet to help provide the vet with as much information as possible. Upon seeing the photos and videos, they'll be able to better understand the situation.

More Affordable And Convenient

While different veterinary clinics charge different fees for texting, you can expect that this service will be more affordable than actually visiting the clinic in person. If you have an issue that doesn't require an in-person visit, you'll appreciate being able to save money by not having to set up an appointment. Being able to get help via text message is also more convenient because you won't have to take your animal to the clinic, perhaps taking time off work or arranging childcare for your kids while you do so.

Easier To Be Subtle

Depending on where you work, you might not want to be on the phone with your veterinarian for a prolonged period. For example, perhaps you don't want those who sit around you to hear about your concerns with your pet. When you exchange text messages instead of converse on the phone, you'll be able to be more subtle. This can be ideal if your pet has an issue that is somewhat embarrassing or impolite to talk about aloud, such as diarrhea. To determine if your local animal hospital offers this service for its patients in non-emergency situations, visit the clinic's website or call to speak to the receptionist.