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What to Do if Your Dog Is Stung by a Bee

by Christy Adams

Bees are just about everywhere during the warm weather months and if you have a curious dog, it may end up getting too close to these buzzing pests and it could be a deadly disaster. These pests can sting your dog, leaving swollen welts or worse. If your dog does happen to stumble upon a bee or a bee's nest, there are things you can do to help your dog if it gets stung. Read on for a few things you should do if your dog gets stung by a bee or by multiple bees.

Get Your Dog Somewhere Safe

Get your dog somewhere safe so it is away from the bees. Call your dog away or physically move your dog away, but you need to do so carefully to not end up getting stung multiple times yourself as well and having your own medical problem. Your dog could be allergic to bees, so you need to keep it away from the bees and prevent your dog from getting stung by too many of these pests.

Watch Your Dog for Signs of Struggle

If your dog was in fact stung, you need to keep an eye on your dog to see if it has any allergic reactions to the bee stings. A normal reaction is just a welt, but if your dog has other issues such as signs of trouble breathing, including heavy panting, or excessive drooling. Also, watch for swelling that is more than just a small welt. If you see that your dog is having trouble or is struggling, you should take your dog to the pet hospital immediately for help. Your dog may be having an allergic reaction to the stings and needs medication immediately.

Make Your Dog Comfortable

If your dog is having trouble breathing, you need to be sure your dog is as comfortable as possible. Don't make your dog get up too much, or move too much to help save its breath and prevent them from struggling any further to breathe. Keep your dog comfortable while you get it to the pet hospital. You may need someone to hold onto your dog while you drive to the pet hospital.

Prevent your dog from getting stung in the first place by watching for bee nests in your yard and keeping your dog away from them as much as you can. Keep your curious dog on a leash to prevent your dog from getting into a nest or something else it shouldn't be getting into. If your dog has been stung by a bee or by multiple bees, watch for a reaction and take your dog to the pet hospital immediately.