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What Happens When Your Dog Gets Their Teeth Professionally Cleaned

by Christy Adams

If you own a dog, in addition to cleaning your dog's teeth yourself, you should also take your dog in for professional cleanings, performed by your vet. When you take your dog in for a dental cleaning, you should expect them to review your dog's medical history, put your dog under anesthesia, and then scale and polish your dog's teeth. 

Review Dog's Medical History 

The first thing that will happen when you take your dog to get their teeth professionally cleaned is the veterinarian will review your dog's medical history. It is necessary for the veterinarian to review your dog's medical history because they will be put under anesthesia for their dental cleaning.  

The vet needs to make sure your dog doesn't have any medical conditions that could complicate the anesthesia. They need to make sure your dog doesn't have any risk factors that could make getting their teeth cleaned compromising for their health.

Give Your Dog Anesthesia 

Once the veterinarian reviews your dog's medical history, it is time for the anesthesia. Anesthesia will allow for an exam without your dog becoming anxious and uncomfortable when the veterinarian is doing their work.  

Anesthesia is usually delivered via a mask. The dog is monitored by a veterinarian assistant the entire time the vet is working on your dog's teeth.  

Scaling & Polishing Your Dog's Teeth 

As your vet is working on your dog's teeth, they will scrape off and remove all the plaque and dental tartar from your dog's teeth. They will clean the space above your dog's gum lines. Once they remove all the plaque and tartar, they will then polish your dog's teeth. They may take x-rays and will inspect them to see if your dog has any other dental issues. If they spot other issues, they may take care of them on the spot. For example, if your dog has a cavity or an abscessed tooth, they can take care of that dental issue while your dog is already under anesthesia. If your dog has any gum issues, they can deep clean the gums.  

You should get your dog's teeth professionally cleaned at least once a year. This will help prevent the infamous doggie breathe and is a great way to take care of your dog's overall health. Talk to your veterinarian and see if they offer dog dental cleanings or find a vet who specializes in these types of cleanings.

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