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Five Things Your Dog Might Eat That Could Send Them To The Emergency Vet

by Christy Adams

If you are a first-time dog owner, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the prospect of having a four-legged friend to take care of. There are many factors that go into taking care of a dog, including monitoring what they eat. There are many things a dog could get into that they will eat, but that they definitely should not be eating. Get to know a few of these common items in the house that might send you and your dog on a trip to the emergency animal hospital. Then, you can be sure that you know what to do if your dog ever gets into any of these things. 


Chocolate is a food item that people love but that dogs definitely cannot have. Dogs are allergic to chocolate, specifically to theobromine, a chemical found in chocolate.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that a tiny sliver of chocolate or something like a single chocolate chip dropped on the floor will not cause your dog severe distress. They will need to eat a fair amount of chocolate to get enough theobromine in their system to require medical care. Also, the darker the chocolate, the worse it is for your dog. 

Ant and Roach Traps

Though not technically a food item, dogs can be quite fascinated with ant and roach traps that you might have in your home. The thing that attracts those insects to the traps is a sweet smell that humans cannot detect. Your dog may be able to catch that scent and be tempted to eat the traps. 

The problem is that these traps contain chemicals that are unsafe for consumption. If your dog chews these traps, they will need veterinary attention and may need vomiting induced to get as many of the chemicals out of their system as possible.  

Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and raisins are foods that dogs are highly allergic to. Unlike with chocolate, even one grape or one raisin consumed is bad enough to need veterinary care immediately. A small amount could be toxic to the point of being fatal. 


Onions are another food that you should keep away from your dog. They contain a chemical known as N-propyl disulfide. This chemical causes anemia in dogs by breaking down the red blood cells in the body. Your dog should never eat onions, but if they get a small amount (like a tiny sliver or diced piece of an onion), you do not have to fear. A large amount, like a quarter or a half of an onion, is more cause for concern and a reason to head to the emergency vet. 

Inhalers or Other Medications

Never leave respiratory inhalers or medications out where a dog can get to them. The liquid inside of an inhaler smells sweet to dogs, which could lead them to chewing and eventually consuming the contents of an inhaler. Some other medications, especially liquids, could also have that sweet aroma that attracts the hunger of your dog. Keep medications locked up, and if your dog does mess with anything, contact emergency vet services right away. 

Now that you know some of the things your dog might happily eat that would require you to take them to the emergency animal hospital, you can be prepared in case your dog ever gets into these items.