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3 Ways To Protect Your Pet Inside Your Home During The Winter Time

by Christy Adams

Hazards exist not just outside for your pet, but also inside for your pet during the winter time. Make sure that you keep your pets safe during the winter by being proactive with protecting them from indoor winter hazards.

#1 Secure Space Heaters

If you have a ­portable space heaters in your home, you need to make sure that they are secure. You are going to want to secure your space heaters to the ground or wall so that they will not easily tip over. A tipped over space heater can be a fire hazard, and could seriously burn your pet if the space heater falls directly on them. Your space heaters should be secure to protect your pets and your home.

#2 Put Fencing Around Your Heaters

If you can't secure your space heaters, you are going to want to put fences around your space heaters. This will help prevent your pets from getting burned. Even if your space heaters are secure, a pet rubbing up against one of your space heaters or deciding to take up shop near a space heater can still get your pet burned. Create some space between your pets and your space heaters by putting up fences.

#3 Put a Fence Around Your Stove

If you have a stove or fireplace, you are going to want to make that a no-pet zone as well. Your pet, just like you, is attracted to heat during the winter time. Getting too close can result in your pet getting burned. Work to train your pets to stay away from your stove and fireplace as well.

#4 Be Careful With Treats

There are lots of special treats during the winter season, from Christmas treats to Valentine's Candy. Keep in mind that easy to grab and eat treats, such as chocolates, are not good for your pets and can be deadly. Only put out treats when you intend to eat them and can supervise them. Be especially careful if you have a cat that can jump up on tables. Keep all treats secured and covered, and away from where your pets can access them.

#5 Always Supervise Candles

When you light a candle, you should only do so when you can keep an eye on it. Lighting candles when you have pets in your house requires extra supervision. A cat could easily be attracted to the light and knock it over. Your dog could easily disrupt the table your candle is sitting on and knock it over. If you light candles, only do so when you can keep a close eye on the candle. Ideally, you should try to keep your pet away from any candles in your home as well.

This winter, make sure you are as aware of the hazards inside of your home as the hazards outside of your home. Keep your pets away from your space heaters, stoves, and fireplaces. Be careful with treats and goodies, and always keep a close eye when you light a candle.

If your pet does end up getting injured, be sure to speak with a business like Third  Street Veterinary for help.