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3 Ways To Ensure Your Horse Is Well Taken Care Of This Fall & Winter

by Christy Adams

Fall may come in gentle, but by the time it leaves and transitions into winter, it tends to be really cold outside. Make sure that you prepare your horse for this transition to colder weather by prioritizing their health and safety during this time of year.

#1 Prepare Their Shelter

First, you need to make sure that your horse has adequate shelter. They need shelter that will protect them from the wind, which is what can really make things feel cold for your horse.

Your horse also needs a place they can hang out that will protect them from the elements. When there is driving rain, they need a place where they can stay dry.

Your horse also needs somewhere where the ground is as dry as possible. Horses stand for hours at a time and standing in murky water is not good for them. The ground needs to be dry as well.

Make sure the shelter you have keeps them dry and protects them from drafts.

#2 Prepare Food & Water

Second, you need to prepare food and water in an accessible manner. Horses need to drink water, and they frequently drink a lot of water, even when it is cold outside. However, if that water is frozen over, it will be really hard for them to drink it. The best way to ensure your horse's water doesn't freeze up is to invest in a heated water bucket. A heated water bucket will help ensure that your horse has fresh water to drink no matter how cold it gets outside.

You also need to supply food for your horse. When the ground is frozen outside, it is much harder for your horse to take care of their dietary needs by simply grazing. You need to purchase hay and grain for the winter months to keep your horse well fed and in good health.

#3 Keep Up With Exercise

Finally, keep in mind that your horse still needs to exercise. Give your horse free time outside, even when it is extremely cold. Allow your horse time to hang out in the pasture. This will allow your horse to exercise and move about on their own to meet their needs for movement.

Set aside at least a half-hour for working out with your horse each day. This will help keep your horse in shape so that your horse doesn't struggle when suddenly you want to ride your horse more in the warmer months.

Consult with a veterinarian to ensure your animals stay happy and healthy.